XF 1.5 User upgraded with eCheck before clearing

So I had a user subscribe to my forum using eCheck on PayPal and it activated their membership before the payment even cleared. I remember this wasn't the case with vBulletin.

Is this a bug or designed like this on purpose?


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The upgrade should only happen once PP send notification of cleared payment - echeques typically show as pending.

What does the transaction log show?


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Worth noting that we very recently had a case where someone asked why an upgrade wasn't processed and the log showed it was a pending eCheck payment, so this certainly isn't definitive and it would be a bug.

The output for the transaction log that shows the user being upgraded would be very helpful.
here's the transaction log.

txn_type web_accept
residence_country CA
pending_reason echeck
payment_gross 20.00
mc_currency USD
payment_type echeck
protection_eligibility Ineligible
verify_sign AI36sk2Aln3iC.t.mla1wMizPRcQAZ
payer_status verified
quantity 1
payment_status Pending
mc_gross 20
custom user_upgrade|948980|8e148|5
charset windows-1252
notify_version 3.8
test_ipn 0


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What does the title of that transaction in the log show?
Is it 'Action: Payment: Payment received, upgraded/extended' or something else?

Are there any other log entries for that member?


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Do you have any add-ons installed which are involved with user upgrades, etc?

Was the payment made from the standard user upgrade page?


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That would indicate that the Paygates add-on processed this, so it'd be a bug in Paygates. You'll need to contact the author for help.