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User Upgrade Reminder - Sends an email reminder to users who have an account upgrade about to expire.


Sends an email reminder to users who have an account upgrade about to expire.

(Example of email that is sent)

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(Example of options page)

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  • Adjustable number of days to send email before upgrade expires
  • Email is sent to non-recurring upgrades only
  • Fully phrased
  • userupgradereminder_subject
  • userupgradereminder_message
  • A...

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Thanks for a great plugin.

One question. I installed this 2 weeks ago and did edit both userupgradereminder_subject and userupgradereminder_message . But today I get an email from a user that just received the email, and he received the:

Dear Member,

This email is being sent to remind you that your account upgrade is about to expire.

Please log in to renew your account upgrade today.

Thank you.

My custom text is as follows:
Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 5.44.01 PM.png

Any ideas? Did I forget something?

I hate to even do this to Andy, but I installed this and have upgrades due, upon checking the emails, they're not being sent out..
Id to the language is 2, and that's all that I have changed besides the text.
So by this, if I upgrade someone today for 7 days, upon cron the email should also be sent today.
That's correct isn't it?
for the record, nothing was wrong with andy's (always) great addons. appears i may not have uploaded the directory correctly.
All working. Thank you.
Andy, What would be awesome is if this addon emailed but also started a conversation with the user with the same text.
Could that happen ?

( I note you have a similar addon which starts a conversation when they initially upgrade )
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