XF 1.4 User upgrade extension behavior


I've currently setup three user upgrades, each awarding the secondary usergroup "premium":

1 year for 5 euro
2 years for 9 euro
4 years for 15 euro

My question in form of an example: If someone has bought the 1 year upgrade and after six months buys the one for 2 years, will the additional time properly added, so that the user has 2 1/2 years left?

At the moment i've disabled the other two upgrades while one is active, so i wanted to ask before enabling them.

Thanks in advance!


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All user upgrades are separate, so the time for each individual upgrade commences from when it is purchased.


Sorry for bumping this, but again: Extending an (active) upgrade is only possible by using addons?

Just wondering, because this was possible even in vBulletin 3 and i'd like to offer the option for users to renew before their upgrade expires.