User Upgrade examples?


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Does anyone have any user upgrade examples? I'm trying to figure out how to add mine.

I'm thinking of 2 levels....

  • tier 1 - $5 or so and mainly for donation & support purposes... member would get a banner identifying them as a supporter.
  • tier 2 - $20? or so... banner and ad free browsing
How does everyone else have them set up? I'm also trying to figure out what I should call them? Silver donor? Gold donor?

I'm probably going to have it as a permanent one time donation. In the past I had recurring and no one ever renewed... so what's the point?

Anthony Parsons

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I only have one, premium membership per annum.

Standard members have basic posting rights, nothing more. Premium members have all the features, bells and whistles and bypass all the anti-spam systems, limits and exclusions imposed on standard members.

Keep it simple IMHO, and make it value for money by stripping back one and giving to the other.

There is no need to support non-paying members with anything more than basic posting rights.