XF 2.2 User Unable to Obtain Reasonable Forum Performance


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Occasionally I get a report from a user that they have difficulty getting access to my forum. In the current situation, it is a person on satellite internet.

I direct them to my front page https://www.smokstak.com/ and no problems. Once they enter the forum, https://www.smokstak.com/forum/ everything slows to a crawl or worse. I have thousands of users without this issue, but when one comes along, it is a tough nut to crack!

Of course, everyone is hyped and psyched to have virus imprisonment and to attempt defeat of hackers, so they buy and install this, that. or the other thing. I end up telling them to use a friend's computer or go to their library and they have NO PROBLEMS THERE!

I have a fairly tight group of electro-mechanical collectors, so I do like to help them out, but this one has me stumped, including the tech at the satellite internet provider. I'm on a dual XEON dedicated server with all the trimmings at a major hub provider in Atlanta, so this simply shouldn't be happening.

If you see anything similar on my site, please let me know. At least then I will regain some confidence.

-- Harry


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Performance seems great to me. It came up instantly.

Satellite connections are among the slowest and laggiest you can get, even a step below DSL. (which has been obsolete for a decade) It could have been a cloud passing their house, etc. In many cases, I think the outgoing connection is done on copper wires while the incoming is via satellite (one way, unless the tech has changed?)

It's probably NOT you, IMO. If they don't have the problem at a friend's house, with cellular data, or library, that kind of confirms it may be their satellite connection. Something like that is difficult to troubleshoot, and can't be done at your end.


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The Front Page loads fine. It's old html as I'm not conversant with CCS and I don't encourage its use except for newbies.

Thanks for the speedtest list!