XF 1.3 User titles question

So I have a couple of custom groups.
One of them to show a user is a season ticket holder for our club. Another to show a user has donated.
Both of these show with a banner.
I LOVE the trophy system and want to further implement it and make it a bigger part of the forum.
Is there a way to show both the group banners and the trophy titles?
Right now the trophy titles only show for users that are just normal members and not part of the seasoned supporter or donor member group.
I've attached screenshots below. I experimented but nothing I did allowed me to keep both the banners and show user titles.

image.jpg image.jpg
The only thing I can think of is including an upgrade system and a new user group for each user title and creating a new banner for each user group.


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You've mentioned both "trophy titles" (as I take it, "titles of trophies") and "user titles". I assume you mean the latter.

Search for the "User Banners" option and make sure that "Hide Standard User Title" is not selected.