XF 1.5 User Tag alerts

Bionic Rooster

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The message you quoted is related to alerts, so I don't really understand what you're asking about the 1 letter mentions. You can do that but they just won't appear in the suggestions list.

For any further questions, please post a thread in the support forum.
The first part of my question was related to tag alerts where you said they could be turned off so I was wondering where specifically because I couldn't fine a setting to turn off or to limit the number of tag alerts in permissions.
The second part of my question was related to if a user has a user name of just 1 letter, he doesn't get an alert so is there a setting for the number of letters in a name to get alerts?


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The permission "Maximum mention alerts per message" controls the number of alerts. Setting to 0 effectively switches it off for that user group.


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Admin CP > Users > Group Permissions > [Choose User Group] > General Permissions > Maximum mention alerts per message

I can confirm the second question, though I don't know what's causing it.

Edit: Submitted a bug report here.