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In Germany a user has the right to request that his User Account gets deleted.
On my active vBulletin forums this leads to a lot of manual user deletion by me which is time consuming.

Users do really need an option to self delete their account.
Every newsletter can be unsubscribed so why not delte my useraccount if I want to?

It can be optional turned on or off by the ACP and the options could vary like "soft delete", "hard delete".

These options would be very usefull in an integrated delete useraccount feature

- allow users to delete their account: yes/no
- permanent delete: yes/no
- soft delete (admin restorable): yes/no
- enter a cool down period before deletion takes place in days
- delete posts and threads also yes/no
- use email confirmation by sending deletion key to registered email: yes/no




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If this feature gets added... I hope it gets the ability to disable it...

Personally I hate features like this... it can often create "black holes" of information as users are deleted.
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