Not a bug User promotions only working on active users


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im sorry but the system at promotions does not mention the activity requirement, and makes people think it should alwways work, as long as criteria is met.
So it is as designed to keep the administrator in the dark about this?

if its as designed, then better add a bit of warning in the promotions panel so they dont use it anymore.


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I believe this was changed to work on active users only back in XenForo 1.2.

Trophy and promotion cron speed improvements
Trophy and promotions are now automatically applied on session creation. While the cron still runs, it only runs for users that have been active very recently.

This significantly reduces the overhead of wasted trophy and promotion cron runs while simultaneously ensuring that users receive their trophies and promotions more efficiently (if they haven't been active for a while or if a new trophy/promotion is added).
There isn't any real need to promote or demote users who aren't active, any changes are irrelevant to them. They are only relevant when they return to the forum, at which point they are active and the promotion/demotion is then applied.


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It's actually always been active users only -- it's required for anything resembling performance -- though the cron window was shrunk in that update (as we do it when they visit now too).


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Promotions are only checked when the user first becomes active and then roughly once an hour for a few hours after their last page view.


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wel.....thats quite useless....
so a user will not be promoted or demoted if he didnt login during the night?
if he is promoted and then never comes back, he will never be demoted.
can this then please moved to the feature request forum, i would like it to work without activity requirements, especially because i dont expect more then 500 people on my installation.