XF 1.4 User promotions including demotion?


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From what I see everytime the cron "user promotion" is started, it checks every single user whether he gets promoted or not. The interesting bit of information here is, that each user is also getting demoted automatically when he was promoted before but the criteria was changed and the user does not reach the changed criteria.

#1 promotion to usergroup "promoted users" when a user reaches one post
#2 all users with 1 post are put into that new secondary usergroup
#3 I set the promotion requirement to five posts
#4 the next hour all users with less than five posts are demoted and are not part of that secondary usergroup anymore.


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It's perfect for me! I just had promotions setup like this

- promotion A => usergroup A > criteria "1 post + not already in usergroup A"

Every hour the same users where either promoted or demoted [once a user was promoted, he could not get the criteria for being promoted again as he already was in usergroup A, so next time he was demoted]. I had several promotions and each depended on the other promotion. This setup really failed big time :)