XF 1.3 User Promotion criteria change

Hey @all

I am using promotions to put users who donated a certain amount of money into a special user group which grants them special rights on our game servers. We now decided to change the criteria for this promotion a bit. I would have expected that all users who don't meet the criteria anymore get removed from the user group they have been assigned to by the promotion and all users who now fit the criteria will be added. For some reason this doesn't work automatically. Is this intentional or is that an issue on our side?


Old promotion
Users donated 5 dollars in the last year and are added to 'donator' user group.​

New promotion
User donated between 5 and 19 dollar in the last 6 months - shall be put into 'donator' group
User donated more then 20 dollar in the last year - shall be put into 'donator' group.​

The donator group still contains users who met the Old promotion criteria 24 hours after my updated criteria. New criterias are ignored.


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User group promotions are only applied to recently active members.
Members who have not logged in for a while will be promoted/demoted next time they log in.

You can apply it to all members by running the user group promotion rebuild in the cache menu in the ACP.


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If it's not being applied then the member doesn't meet the criteria.

I'm not sure which add-on you're using to track donations - it could be related to that.
Nvm...it's fixed now. I just didn't read your initial reply careful enough. (thought you meant the promotion cron job)

Rebuilding the promotion cache did the trick. I was testing promotion changes on our test page and user logins don't happen there...

Cheers for the quick support! Well done

(I keep forgetting about those damn caches...)