User post and comment moderation / moderation tools?

Not sure if this is the right section, but I'll ask here:

I know that there are a number of Forums out there... But given that the vast majority of them are underfunded, how do you the admin teams deal with posters who are hellbent on wanting to post / comment low quality and inappropriate content? How do the admin teams deal with spammers, haters, and those who don't really have anything of value to contribute to the community?

In short, how is the community admin team able to impose a user-friendly Terms Of Service whilst keeping the trolls out?
Depending on what your forum is all about, some forums do have an off topic section for just that. However, if all this members does is post in off topic then you know the member isn't really contributing to the forum. We've had a few of these in a computer forum I help admin and we kept telling him that he needs to contribute. All this member did was post links to his youtube videos and other off topic areas. We ended up banning him.
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