User online cache?


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I personally think it is lame, that a competitor has vbulletin and changed its user online cache so it looks like so many members are online at once. Is there even such thing for Xenforo? I currently average around 200 users online at once and hundreds of guests, we even blocked certain countries years ago due to spam trying to get in.
Check out:

Admin CP > Options > User Options > Online Status Timeout

That adjusts the time out. If you set it to a higher number, the number of people you have online will appear to increase.
You think it's lame that a competitor is doing this, so you're asking how you can do it as well? o_O
Only reason why I ask is because the shorter the time vs longer the time you have it cached - doesnt it lag your site if you have it set for longer the time?

And i'd be glad to pm you my board, im a board with over 420,000+ posts in 13,500+ members so i can really careless of faking stats and something I wouldnt do due to advertisers and legal issues if it ever came about.
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