User Groups - Top->Down hierarchy!?


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I have an internal (admin only) forum.
Node Permissions are set as follows:
  • Admins: Allow
  • All other Groups: Never
I am an Administrator (Super Administrator to be precise, but "Administrative" is set as primary user group)
Now as soon as I select "Moderating" as the secondary user group, the internal (admin only) forum is unavailable for me.

Shouldn't the permissions be granted based on the "highest level" the user has in one of both user groups selections .... overridden only by individual user permissions? Not sure, how this is supposed to work, or if this might be a bug.


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Never overrides an allow.

Just set it to not set for the groups you don't want to have access.

The best way of doing it though is to set it as a private node and then just explicitly grant access to the groups you require.


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Ok, understood. :)
Can you move this thread to "General Support and Questions" please?
I would like to know a bit more on how permissions work, what overrides what?