XF 1.2 user group


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Say I create a user group XYZ.
How can I see what members are in that group or any other group?



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I have tried a few different settings in the search not able to pull up members in the groups .
Example : Association Interstate Coordinator tried to pull up members by checking the box and tried the drop down
give zero returns.


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Search users and then for Is in Secondary Group check the group you are searching for. Primary group should be left as Registered if you have things set up properly - everyone should have the Registered group as their primary group.


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Yep they are setup that way,:) the primary will show in a search secondary does not show.
Not even Admin. I find it odd they simply do not have this located under groups as a simple access.
Rather using a search . Still getting used to XF stuff is often for me not where I logically think it would be.
Group members should they not be located under groups? Rather a person must go unto USER SEARCH.
when actually this is a group search. On my old program, I simply clicked on the group and it show the members
one step. Thanks for the help . I will see if I can figure this out.