XF 1.2 User Group to User Group View


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Is it possible to hide a user group from other user groups ?

Example : Create group one and block it from guest where they can not see them online, posts
member etc?

I know a member can hide their online individually is there a way to hide groups from guest ?

Thank You.


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I am trying to find a work around the fact you can not have active nodes for guest without allowing them to see who is online
and stats as well as member list. The left menu should have an option to be disabled for guest.
Trying to setup and entrance with information the software does not support that either .
I am trying to find some way to not allow anything related to members seen when guest come to the
site other then information. I am finding this one spot seems a part very hard to get around in this current software.

Thank You
I will submit this.
I did this simply by carefully setting-up all of my forum permissions. Certain user groups are not allowed to view the member's list, and given that most of my nodes are private, groups can only see the nodes they are permitted to see. I think I have one subfourm where members from separate group can interact, and that is a General Discussion area.