XF 1.2 User Group/Staff Banners

Tracy Perry

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How can i change the default Color from this Staff Banner? Like this: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0081lw5fbe
.userBanner.bannerStaff {
color: #176093;
background-color: #d7edfc;
Where color is whatever text color you want to use and background-color is just that - the color of the background.
If you want to make it a solid color, then you will need to add a
background: none;
in there also - as by default there is a background defined that gives it some white gradient.


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Just tagging onto this thread...

What if I want to eliminate the staff banner? Is there an admin option to turn it off, or should I just use CSS (visibility: hidden) to ditch it? I keep thinking I'd seen an option for it somewhere, but, no such luck. I realize that "show user as staff" also relates to showing up in certain forum listings of staff members, does it not?

We are supposed to have Moderator and Admin banners. Having a staff banner is redundant in that case. However, while I've created banners for these usergroups, the banners are not appearing. Do I have to set a custom title also, or can it still be the default user title ladder? In essence, I want to get the "moderator" thing out of user titles so my staff an customize, and have the banners show their moderator/admin affiliation (without the redundant "staff" banner).


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Scratch that. I searched for "Staff" in the admin CP and the options did not come up. Searched for "banner" and found the settings I knew I'd seen before.


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Just open this template User_banners and after that scroll all the way at the top and find where it say staff and from there change the CSS to what ever you want