XF 1.5 User Group Promotions, move user to new user group.



On my Xenforo forum, i have seted up 2 user group like this:
- New user group ( registered less than 2 days, and have less than 5 replies, they dont have permission to create threads to prevent spamming)
- Verified user group ( register more than 2 days, and have more than 5 replies, can create new threads)

Now i want to update New user group to Verified user group after they register more than 2 days and have over 5 posts( replies) so they can create new threads.

But when i use the promotion options, it is only add these uses to secondary user group Verified Users, instead of adding the primary user group to Verified Users.

The result is these users cant create new threads.

Is there anyway to archive this? ( force new users to register a certain of number of days and have certain number of replies before they are moved to verified member, now they can create new threads.)

XenForo permissions are designed to be cumulative ie you add users to additional user groups to increase permissions, it's not like other software where you 'swap' user groups.

You should set up the Registered user group (which everyone should have as their primary user group) as your 'new user group's and the Verified user group will give them additional permissions when they are added to it.

Details on permissions are here:

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