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Last week my XF forum had a really foul troll pop by. The spam cleaner was fantastic but registrations were closed anyway. So last night I started editing the permissions of the Registered User Group to restrict new members and created a new User Group, "Approved Registered" which would give them more permissions.

So now a typical member will be in two User Groups: Approved Registered (Priority value 4) as their primary group and then a second group to colour their username specific to the type of character they play on the site. All of these secondary groups that colour the usernames should have the same permissions and have the priority value of 5. The Approved Registered is meant to be a permissions blanket for all non-staff groups minus trolls and bans etc.

Also, just as an added precaution, I went through every node's permissions and changed those for the Approved Registered to allow everything I needed to allow that primary usergroup to have. The secondary user groups have the same allowances in their general group permissions.

Regardless, I'm having problems that I didn't have when I initially set up the permissions when we moved. It seems to include edit allowances to members' posts and conversations. I've checked the XF manual on permissions and I'm pretty certain I've followed it correctly but I must have gone wrong somewhere!

In short: where would you advise I start from to try and find the cause?

Jake Bunce

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The default primary group for new members is always Registered (id 2). I recommend not changing the default primary group. Restrict the permissions for Registered (id 2) and create a new group for Approved Registered that will be added as a secondary group. Primary and secondary groups are functionally the same. The secondary group will have no permissions (Not Set) except for the additional permissions you want to Allow.

Note that the display priorities of groups only affect titles and username styling, not permissions.

As for your unexpected permissions, you will have to review all permissions: