XF 1.5 User Group permissions for Super Administrator ?


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I am trying to understand Permissions system. I had a look at Brogan's document and user help guide for permissions.
Having few basic doubts.


When I imported data from vBulletin, I can see that main admin (User # 1) is listed in XenForo system as :
Super Administrator,

And this user's Primary User Group is mentioned as 'Administrative'.

Now, I can't see any separate User Group called 'Super Administrator'.

Does it mean that User #1 is always assigned with ALL permissions available in the system (Super Administrator) ?

(or) Does he inherit any permissions from Administrator user group as his primary user group is listed as Administrative ?

If I set some tasks as Not Set (No) in Administrative User Group, then this User#1 will not be able to do those tasks ? or, all these rules does not apply to him ?