User group Banners?


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I was thinking of adding some user group banners for my forums which would be visible on the user's post under their name or rank? That would help some people identify them aside from a similar name color change.

Not sure how I would be able to do this... Do you know what template it would be under and how would I add it?

Digital Doctor

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So... My host tacopill ACCIDENTLY the forums... I mean deleted the database... So we lost everything.

Fret not! We're going to restore it from a server made backup made earlier today... However, we're both unsure how that process exactly works.

Sorry if that messes with anyone's plans. If you want to be able to continue to discuss you'll have to get us on our Facebook account at or just continue to reply to my news posts on the main site right now.

Sorry. :/
ouch !