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User engagement across social networks?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by intradox, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. intradox

    intradox Well-Known Member

    I was wondering if any of you would be inclined to share the user engagement levels across your social network profiles for your site(s).

    I know it varies depending on type of content, audience, niche, and how users discovered your profiles on the network but perhaps we could extrapolate rough ideas?

    Site Niche: Gaming

    Facebook (~2yrs)
    Likes: ~2,300
    10 Likes per posting
    3 shares per posting
    1 commet per posting
    Site Social Traffic: 27.22%

    Google+ (~8months)
    Circles: ~80,000
    39 comments per posting
    10 reshares per posting
    75 +1's per posting
    Site Social Traffic: 29.94%

    Twitter (~2.5yrs)
    Followers: ~10,000
    Engagement: 2 retweets, 4 favorites per tweet on average
    Site Social Traffic: 21.5%

    Pinterest (~1yr)
    Followers: ~450 followers
    Engagement: 1 repin per pin on average
    Site Social Traffic: 8.31%

    Analysis:- I think G+ is underrated and could become more important depending on how Google chooses to use it G+ posts in search rankings.
    - Pinterest is a pretty crappy network for gaming.
    - A bulk of all social network followings are junk. Perhaps they got bored of the game my site focusses on (Minecraft).
    - I either suck at Facebook or it's overrated.
    - Twitter engagement per tweet (I do roughly 5 per day) is really low..?

    - Overall, I think it's important to be on multiple networks as it seems there are different types of individuals who use each one. (Demographics, age, and interaction habits).
    * I chose not to include Youtube as I have not posted anything on there in over a year and so traffic to my site is minuscule.
    Interested to see what type of social stats you all experience.

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