XF 1.5 User data adjusting CSS

So we just completed our first test import, very happy with the way xenForo handles everything!

I am going through the different styles ect to try and make our new xenForo look similar to our old vBulletin forum. Scrolling through some archived posts I noticed this (see image attached)

We still have a live version of our vBulletin forum so I went and found the same post, and where in red on xenForo it says "mint" it should say redmint, but it appears the "red" has changed the text to red.

I hope there is a simple solution to this and I am just being silly for over looking it.



  • maybe a slight issue Redmint username.PNG
    maybe a slight issue Redmint username.PNG
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The red text in the screenshot in the first post definitely looks like a signature to me.

It is below the post content, separated by a dashed line, and above the post data with the user name, date, etc.


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Yes, any elements which use @primaryMedium will be affected when changing the SP.

The guide I linked to will help you style individual elements without it affecting other elements on the page/site.