Use external accounts (shared accounts)


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We are currently running a phpBB 3.0.x forum and we are looking at the option to migrate to XenForo. However, there's one question that we couldn't get answered by reading the documentation so far:

We'd like to give our users the ability to use one account for all our services. We provide different software downloads that require activation through an e-mail address and we'll run a little web-shop for add-ons to that software. What we'd like to do is having one account that allows to used to do all these things. So one account to access the forum, for support tickets, to purchase stuff from our web-shop and so on.
Is that possible with XenForo? Can we either use the accounts created by XenForo externally or is it possible to use/import existing accounts into XenForo?

If theres a different, better solution to this problem we'd of course be happy to hear about it. We are happy for any suggestion.
Could this be realized through an existing interface (so in form or an add-on) or would this require hacking some of the forum code? Due to maintenance and updates we'd of course prefer to modify as little as possible.
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