Use elastic search's significant terms aggregation for automatic/suggested thread tags


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Elastic search has functionality called Significant Terms Aggregation.
The trick behind the significant terms aggregation is in spotting terms that are significantly more common in a result set than they are in the general background of data from which they are drawn.

A significant terms aggregation elasticsearch result could be used to automatically return significant tag keywords. Use possibilities;
  • Present tag suggestions to users
  • Nightly cron job to automatically apply tags to threads added since last run
  • ACP option to scan threads added/changed in last x hrs/day and suggest tags to apply to threads, allowing admin to tick a box for them to be applied.
  • etc.....
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The new thread tagging functionality is most welcome, however, I fear that it will largely go unused because members are not familiar with it and it requires additional effort to add tags.
Suggesting tags based on the contents of the thread title and first post is a very good idea which I think will be fairly critical to how much the feature is used.
If it is possible to automate relevant and good quality tag suggestions, then I think this is a very, very good idea.
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