URLs in posts


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I just discovered that when I type a URL on someon'e Profile in a message, it automatically displays as a link. Why not in a forum post?

It's not awful how it's done in a post. But it's not smooth either.

1. Paste in the text URL or type target text into the post.
2. Highlight the text from a source (this typed line or elsewhere)
3. CTRL+C to Copy
4. Click button on BBcode bar
5. Paste the URL text.
6. Click Insert.

I think a series of characters starting http or www should automatically be parsed as a URl.


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Then this is a lack of prompt - needs a popup
"This will display as a link when you post your message."

I have been solemnly
copy/ pasting in a URL here in a post,
highlighting the URL,
pening the link button,
pasting in the URL
Clicking Insert.

GRRR! It doesn't LOOK like a link when I type it/ paste it in.
How many others are mislead?
Not being bolshy but it has been bugging me for a while now so it's not fun to find it was all unnecessary.