Url jet review and recommending

As all have seen im not the most advanced webmaster, i have problems so far everyday with silly and main issues, my biggest saviour is by far my host URLJET, i have read many many reviews about servers but by far urljet has to be the best and most helpful,

within minutes i have issues resolved ranging from low - high urgency, everything i have asked for they have done for me, this is something ever server should be providing,

urljet are very cheap for what you get, every issue resolved within just a few minutes, 1 issue at most lasted about 15 minutes before resolved and notified..

im currently on vbgold ( the package ) than has the following bellow, sorry im not spamming i copied and pasted the page that holds my package along with that shows what else you get for such a good price, everything that states vbulletin also includes xenforo plus other forum installations and services,

anyone looking for a server choose urljet.com !!! you wont be disappointed especially if your like me and have no clue about what you are doing!

you get all bellow plus much more, i couldnt post the entire pack i have but my one is the $34.95pm one, visit urljet.com to see further details

plus no down time!

Monthly Pricing$24.95$34.95$49.50
RAID-10 Disk Space10 GB15 GB30 GB

I’d like to add a good word for URL Jet as well. I started with them in February, and while my forum doesn’t have very high traffic volumes yet, the VPS performs really well and the service and support from their team has been very good. They also introduced me to a vendor that helped convert an old UBB Threads site to XenForo and did a great job with that. They know their stuff.

I’m not affiliated with URL Jet, just a very satisfied customer of theirs. Be sure to check them out if you are looking for a host that specializes in forums.

sami simo

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They have the fastest answer to tickets I have ever seen, they usually fix hosting issues in matter of hours. very communicative and nice people, although not always honest.
Their support for Vbulletin or xenforo software is not as good as they pretend. they have rarely succeed to fix any installation issues even if they are paid for that .
I recommend to every one to be careful about the contracted RAM . many times you are using LESS than what you pay for.

Urljet is not any more what they used to be .

sami simo

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After years of cancelling my account, they started to send me emails about their news, it seems they refuse to delete my personal data, their emails comes with no unsubscribe link which is illegal in Europe, I tried to contact them to stop spamming me, but they wont listen..