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LOL Sorry I just realized this is normal, it is the list of forums so it is normal to see forums/forums/ since it is installed in forums/... Thanks for your help.

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Just installed xf into a /forums/ directory - now got the issue of the URLs for boards being /forums/forums/

Is it possible to simplify this, so boards only ever have "/forums/" once in their URL?

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The problem here is one of confusing/ambiguous terminology.

As we know many people use the directory "forums" or "forum" to install their whole xenForo into, to make it distinct from other sections of a bigger website.

However the word also means the different forum nodes within xenForo. If you call your whole xenforo installation a forum, then it makes more sense to call the forum nodes "subforums"

But we can't change that (I think) so we are stuck with the ambiguity and the best workaround is to call the directory '"community" (as they do here) instead of "forums" or "forum"
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