XF 2.0 URL for different states of New Post Filters

Mr Lucky

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I think this was asked maybe on the developer forum, so is gone now anyway.

I want to be able to create browser bookmarks (or links) for new posts, with and without the unread filter.

What I mean is a link that over-rides whatever the user has in his or her filter.

Can someone please tell me how to do this, thanks.

Mr Lucky

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I have found half the answer (I think)

If you have unread set as default, then this will over-ride it:

But if someone's default is having unread unticked, then what would over-ride that and show only unread?

ie, is there an opposite of ?skip=1
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There's a generic approach to this. If you open the filters menu, right click the option you're interested in and choose "inspect" (in Chrome), the dev tools tab will highlight the <label> tag in question. Inside that, you'll see the checkbox <input> with a name and a value. You'd get params like...
  • unread=1
  • watched=1
  • participated=1
And so on.

You'd then build a URL like <url>/whats-new/posts/?unread=1&watched=1 for unread, watched only.

Similar processes can be repeated for any other what's new content type using this sort of filter.