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URL Censor 1.0.1

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Liam W

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Liam W submitted a new resource:

URL Censor - Censor URLs...

This is a relatively simple add-on that will allow you to 'censor' URLs in posts.

You add each domain via a simple form, shown below.

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If the 'Replace Text' field is specified, then that content will be displayed instead of the URL/text (otherwise the URL/text will be displayed, but it won't be visible).

If the 'Tooltip Text' field is specified, then whatever is put into that box will be displayed as a tooltip on hover.

Censored domains/urls/links (however you...
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Liam W

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Useful add on, maybe you can add features that exclude some usergroup from being affected by the censor :)
I'll look into that, but there isn't a way to know whose post it is when I filter out the URL (I'm editing the bbcode parser), so it'll take a few workarounds...



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Awesome addon !

As a suggestion, you could add some more rules to attend some variations: is the same as for example. This might feel for http:// and https:// too.

Thanks for this :)
Very useful add-on, especially nice since it lets you leave the links visible but not clickable.
But now for some reason I'm getting tons of these:
ErrorException: Undefined index: host - library/LiamW/URLCensor/Extend/BbCode/Formatter/Base.php:36
Generated By: Unknown Account, 5 minutes ago
I'm guessing this add-on is no longer actively maintained?
@Liam W , just in case this helps, I'm running xf v1.49 and all the errors happen when someone requests an rss page.

I'm uninstalling it now; hope you get it fixed/patched. It was very nice when it ran OK.
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