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I've got some members using the [ URL ] tags to post links with their own text, however when they paste in the link part of the BB Code it will autolink the URL and break the tag formatting - resulting in a strange link snippet. For example:]Xenforo[/url]

If I highlighted and de-linked the URL before posting, then it would work. Without this, it creates the strange output above.

Is there a fix if a link is pasted in following the [ URL ] tag?


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This is the format that people are trying to post in:
Try doing that, but copying/pasting the URL part.


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Hmm, thats odd - it doesn't work at my end (IE10, Win8). Tried it in latest FF too.

When you paste in the "" part does it not auto link in the editor? If I paste in the full code that I posted above, it works fine - it's just when pasting in the URL part.
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I've sorted this now for 1.2.2. It's also possible to produce in Chrome if you copy a link from the address bar and manually add the URL tags around it.