XF 1.5 Uploading issues help please.


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After migrating from vb3 to XF a lot of my members are experiencing issues uploading photo's. I have been able to replicate the problem using Chrome browser on my Android phone, yet the issues are coming from members using blackberry's, iphones, computers, also using different browsers like Firefox and Chrome, so I am really struggling to find what is causing it. There is no common ingredient between any of the members having issues. Yet for some it is working perfectly fine.

I have disabled all add-ons via config.php
I have disabled cloudlfare
I have tried it on the default style

Yet the issue persists, I have no idea what else to do or where to look. Can anybody offer any assistance please?

Here is a video I took of the process showing that it is not working. The image will appear to upload and then it just stops, nothing else happens.