XF 2.2 XFMG Widget placed into forum_view_type_article page help please.

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Hey, So I started messing around with Article pages, and I wanted to add an XFMG Slider widget to the article page.
There is no option for this specific type of forum. So was just wondering how could this be achieved.

I was thinking of a slider at the top and a slider in the sidebar.
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Side note: This is new territory for me cause I'm used to there being an option for widgets. So please don't yell at me for not knowing this lol.
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Man, you are amazing.
I do have another question.
Are we suppose to place the code
<xf:widget key="widget_key" />
in a specific place inside the template.
I just put it where I thought it should go, but then made sure to Relocate slider

Just want to make sure I am correctly editing these templates the right way.
Trying to not make mistakes, and cause errors.
Widgets can be added to templates manually using: <xf:widget key="widget_key" /> .

In general, yes.

It may require conditional statements if you only want it show based on certain crieria, and Less/HTML to modify the styling, etc.
I have a lot to learn lol.
My biggest problem is not understanding what the string of code is saying, and what it is actually doing.
Not anybody's fault but mine, and I'm a study up on this stuff. But again you are amazing...
Pretty sure ill need more help before the weeks out.
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