Awaiting feedback  Uploading an avatar takes a long time, sometimes not uploading at all


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Own beta 2, no problems here. I haven't set any limitations that I know of so really strange.

Attachment upload with Flash also does not work anymore (stops at 100%) not sure if that's connected with this issue, just saying.


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They're almost undoubtedly connected.

Has your host/you made any changes server-side since you got the flash uploader working by disabling mod_security?


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Just asked and they told me they didn't change anything except for an execute permission on a TMP folder, but they said this should not be allowed anyway.

The strange thing now is that I can upload some images as avatar (though slow) but others not like the one in the OP. They all work here... it drives me crazy :confused:

And the attachment problem is solved, that what caused by a conflict in the htaccess file.


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Just to check, try turning off JS and uploading an avatar the base way. That should get any JS/json interactions out of the way.

If you still have the problem, if you can PM me with FTP details and a test account, I'll have a look.