XF 1.5 Uploader info misleading


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The max dimensions shown are 1200 which I'm assuming are being taken from my setting in the ACP. This setting is more related to what the forum will display rather than what the users can upload. I've had users asking how to resize images. They don't need to unless it's a very rare occasion that someone exceeds our pixel limit of 30million.

Tempted to post this is a bug but guessing as designed but wrong?


Chris D

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I wouldn't say it's incorrect, though I could see how it would be potentially misconstrued.

FWIW I don't recall this being brought up before, nor would that overlay often be seen by users.

Most users would have Flash player or if you're using a recent version of 1.5.x then the new uploader would actually suppress that overlay entirely.

It's a moot point in XF2 for similar reasons, but also we don't display the info there at all.

So, all things considered, it's not likely something we'll change now but you could edit the template to remove those details, add some additional text to explain or just clarify it directly to your users in other ways.