XF 1.1 Upgrading (On The Fence) Notice Some XenForo site issues.

  1. Newly Created Threads are not shown until several tens of minutes.
  2. Navigating though forums shows up logout?
  3. Newly Created Threads are not listed ( Off Topic ) I see it, but once I am at thread display page.... The thread is gone from site. Thought it was deleted, but I refresh that thread and it does give error as being deleted/moved.

Jake Bunce

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On xenforo.com?

1&3) They may just be moderated or deleted threads.

2) I am guessing you were idle for too long and your session timed out. If you check Stay logged in the next time you login then this won't happen.


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Not sure if it is related before but I have seen this on a forum of mine when caching sessions and playing with memcache. Quite possibly a server misconfiguration on that forum.
Yes. On XenForo.com
No, I just saw several new threads that were posted 3 hr ago just 10 minutes ago?
I have done that, but I think it the newly updated drivers on my PC that maybe the cause of my issues. (Need to access my other HD OS to see if this is true)
Meh!... Was not able to reproduce this... I have to say it was Win/XP/IE8 browser, as it just must have been using older webpages that I was browsing as a guest users. I tried installing same driver updates to see if I can get same issue and also imported browser pages during time I was browsing as guest, but nothing....