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Upgrading from vBulletin 4.1.5 to Xenforo (Few issues)

Hi there I finally registered I wanted to test the sign up form etc... I'm seriously considering upgrading my vBulletin powered forum to Xenforo.

The reasons I want to "upgrade" to something else is firstly: The vBulletins CMS is... well... crap... Secondly: Styling the forum since the upgrade to 4 is ridiculous, time consuming and counter intuitive. StyleVARS could be the worst thing to happen to forum styling EVER.I used to have such a sleek original forum under vBulletin 3 now it just looks ****.

I really want to know the solutions that XENFORO could offer me to my two main issues... Not to mention I run Photoposts vBGallery which they no longer support!!! Is there a gallery solution that I would be able to import vBGallerys images? My forum is also rather large would this be an issue?

Thanks for any help you guys provide


XenForo moderator
Staff member
At this moment in time, you would need third party add-ons for a CMS and gallery.

The size of your forum isn't an issue, there are already forums with more than 10 million posts running XenForo.

Try the demo, if you haven't already: Admin Demo