XF 1.1 Upgrade to 1.3.4 deletes all content

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My company is looking into upgrading our XF from 1.1.3 to 1.3.4. It is my understanding that there are some schema changes, going from 1.1 to 1.3, which is the primary reason for deleting all XF data from the db. However, if there are schema changes, wouldn't a pre-upgrade db snapshot no longer be compatible with 1.3.4?

After my initial upgrade attempt, restoring forum data from a snapshot yielded a "The board is currently being upgraded. Check back later." which leads me to believe that the script failed at some point. What determines if XF is in "upgrading" state? Removing the install-lock.php file (or overriding the check for it) has no effect.

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Chris D

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I don't understand...

which is the primary reason for deleting all XF data from the db
There is absolutely no reason why data should be deleted prior to upgrading 1.1.x to 1.3.x.

I completed a similar upgrade a couple of weeks ago. No data was lost. It all happened automatically and fully functional within 30 minutes.


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When upgrading, you're not asked to drop all xenforo tables?
No, that is when you run the installer and not the upgrader. Upgrading, as mentioned above, does not delete any content.

But before you upgrade your forum, it would be best inmho to make first a thorough backup of your database. For just in case things do not go as planned, you can always revert back.