XF 1.4 Upgrade Stalled, how do you reset.


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I was upgrading from 1.4.0 to 1.4.5 .
It stuck on the upgrade page and gives a 403 error code I have checked the server and permissions are correct even tried disabling the firewall. But says I do not have permission to access the install file.
The site is basically locked in upgrade mode for about 6 hours now. Was hoping there was a time out but so far nope.
The Xenforo is all accounts is stuck. Ideas ?




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I did contact and they disabled the firewall completely hoping tha would work,but still stuck I may need a restore at this point .
I do not blame XF, and do realize its external, but I always wondered if there was a reset or something for XF.
They fixed everything I thought because I installed Resources just fine, and waited awhile to upgrade the XF to 1.4.5 because of just such a thing occurring. Figured if Resources worked I would be good to go with the upgrade. Nope !
Guess there is not any kind of reset. Thank You !


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If you can get the page to load again then you should be able to continue but it's hard to say what status the upgrade is at.