Upgrade Service for a huge site 1.5 > 2.x


I plan on moving my forum off 1.5 soon. It is quite big (13G database, 6.5mio posts).
The addons can be ignored during the upgrade - But I have a custom style (flatawesome) an some modified itens in a child style (templates mainly).

What service can I get for the "upgrade service"?
Do you guys help me copy all my data (without all those *#$%& timeouts) into a test installation, give me some time to tweek the style and then help me again migrating the live site into v2.x and then import the style from the prior test installation?


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The upgrade service doesn’t cover that, no.

I’m not sure what timeouts you’re referring to but you can avoid those by using the new CLI upgrader to perform the upgrade which shouldn’t be susceptible to most timeout issues.

Chris D

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Our official recommendation would be to check the Third party services & offers forum, and research which service providers have a good reputation, or to post in the Custom service & development requests and research anyone who applies to fulfil the request for you.


I can really more then recommend https://www.themehouse.com/xenforo/migrate
Those are the best guys they are like god they can code anything and of course migrate everything with one little finger.
They are also extremely fast, maybe it is more expensive then others, but not without a reason!
Love them!

PS.: They can even program custom scripts for, as example for me they wanted to write custom script for phpBB likes add-on, importing to XF in 2 hours.
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If you're using Flat Awesome would recommend @Russ - since Flat Awesome is their theme. We just did the same migration for a site with 1.2M posts based on Flat Awesome and multiple child themes. Russ was awesome and ported them all over to XF2.1 for us flawlessy and super quick.