XF 1.2 upgrade or install of addons lead to time out / server errors


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I run a fairly large site with 200.000 users and 1.2 million posts. It is run on LSWS on my private cloud with more than enough resources available. On my live site (vbulletin) I can install, upgrade any addon I like without any problems.
But with XenForo however, installing or upgrading any major addon leads to a 500 server error. I have encountered this with Better Blogs, Vaultwiki, Social Groups.
I assumed that this was related to the max_execution_time. However, setting it to a very long time does not resolve the problem.

Here is the error log relating to an upgrade of Betterblog:
2013-10-06 03:59:18.400 [INFO] [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:54817-0#APVH_www.area51.myforum.eu] Connection idle time: 181 while in state: 5 watching for event: 25,close!
2013-10-06 03:59:18.400 [NOTICE] [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:54817-0#APVH_www.area51.myforum.eu] Content len: 0, Request line: 'GET /test4/admin.php?add-ons/upgrade-all-from-xml HTTP/1.1'
2013-10-06 03:59:18.400 [INFO] [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:54817-0#APVH_www.area51.myforum.eu] Cookie len: 828, xf_EWRporta[RecentThreads][order]=1; xf_EWRporta[RecentThreads][position]=top-right; xf_EWRporta[RecentNews][order]=2; xf_EWRporta[RecentNews][position]=top-right; xf_EWRporta[OnlineUsers][order]=3; xf_EWRporta[OnlineUsers][position]=sidebar; xf_EWRporta[BoardTotals][order]=4; xf_EWRporta[BoardTotals][position]=sidebar; xf_EWRporta[SharePage][order]=5; xf_EWRporta[SharePage][position]=sidebar; xf_EWRporta[FaceBook][order]=6; xf_EWRporta[FaceBook][position]=disabled; xf_EWRporta[StatusUpdates][order]=7; xf_EWRporta[StatusUpdates][position]=disabled; xf_EWRporta[Twitter][order]=8; xf_EWRporta[Twitter][position]=disabled; member_id=1; xf_user=1%2C5de457d13b4aa2224ec528aa4a5d596754d6af0d; xf_vw_lastview=1-1; xf_session=b17115e488d5034221fe578dc5a87079; xf_session_admin=c7232b2a39f26ceb0acc7a36ec88439f; xf_edit_style_id=1
2013-10-06 03:59:18.400 [INFO] [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:54817-0#APVH_www.area51.myforum.eu] HttpExtConnector state: 8, request body sent: 0, response body size: 0, response body sent:0, left in buffer: 0, attempts: 0.
2013-10-06 03:59:18.400 [INFO] [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:54817-0#APVH_www.area51.myforum.eu] Lsapi connection state: 2, watching event: 25, respState: 1, m_iTotalPending:0, m_iPacketLeft:0, m_iCurRespHeader:5, req sent for 181 seconds,Total processing time: 181.
2013-10-06 03:59:18.400 [INFO] [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:54817-0#APVH_www.area51.myforum.eu] abort request..., code: 4
2013-10-06 03:59:18.400 [INFO] [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:54817-0#APVH_www.area51.myforum.eu] Abort request processing by PID:3673, begin time: 181, sent time: 181, req processed: 45748
Does anyone have a clue?


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Based on the request URL, you're upgrading them through another add-on's code so that could be related.

However, it looks like your script is getting killed by the web server, albeit after about 180 seconds. You may need to up time outs there if you expect run times that long.