XF 2.2 Upgrade from 2.1 to 2.2 from command line?


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Hello, I've a big board, 1.5M posts. I've 2.1 + security fix and want to upgrade to 2.2. (My license is expired, will renew it soon)
Should I run the upgrade from the admin panel, or is it reccomanded from command line? Where can I find the tutorial?


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The limits are 500k posts or 50k members.

For a forum with 1.5 million posts, definitely via CLI.

There are some alters on the post table which won't work well using the web browser upgrader.


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For upgrading via CLI?

You just need to cd to where XF is installed and run php cmd.php xf:upgrade

As always, take a backup before upgrading and ensure there are compatible newer versions of any add-ons and styles you have installed.


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Thats not the best solution, but if its works for now okay. I will create a sugegstion to download it via CLI.

Edit: Here it is: