Updates entries to include version number


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When looking at RM Updates entries, it would be very valuable to have the version number displayed that is applicable for the update (when supplied by the developer). It's an important display to have to know what has changed between your version and the current version.

For example, when looking at the updates entries for s9e Media Sites, you cannot see what version number was applicable for each update. So if the current version is 2.8.7 and I'm currently using 2.7.6, it's impossible to tell which entries/updates have occurred since my version.

Screen Shot 2023-02-01 at 13.42.45.webp

This was also suggested back in 2014 for XF1, but tagged Lack of Interest. I hope in the ensuing 8 years interest and value/applicability has increased.
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That's what the history tab is for, no?
The Updates and History tabs are not linked, unfortunately. Based on Update date/time and History's release date/time its possible to click back n forth between each tab and extrapolate the information. Since the version number/string is already within XF data, this suggestion is to display it on the Updates tab to save the clicking and extrapolation.

Perhaps on the History tab, the left column version number/string could be a hyperlink to the applicable Updates entry. But I think placing the version number against the Updates entry is easier and more UI friendly.
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