XF 1.5 Update plugins 1st or Xenforo 1st (after a major update from Xenforo?)


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First check the add-ons and whether they are compatible with the version of XF you are upgrading to.

You may need to uninstall or upgrade them first. Or upgrade them after.
There have been a few instances where add-ons have caused problems with the upgrade script due to conflicting database naming, so this is important.

In general though you should be able to upgrade XF and then the add-ons.


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I've always upgraded the add-ons that support the new version but that are backwards compatible with the version you are on - then you just need to upgrade the few (if any) that remain afterwards.

However, as brogan points out upgrading may sometimes cause issues.
I've had to disable the add on system entirely when upgrading on one occasion due to mod conflicts.