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When having a resource on a XenForo website, you obviously get a lot of people downloading it. Sometimes you push an update that creates a crucial problem for one of your users, but almost all others are completely fine. To correct that problem, you are forced to spam one or more updates in a row or in a small amount of time which will look annoying to someone not having an issue.

Therefore, I am asking for a user text-box to be added to the resource update page named Notify Certain Users. If the text-box is empty, it will proceed to notify everyone, otherwise only the written users. I think that's a cool small addition to the XenForo websites, so tell me your thoughts below.


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You have gotten spammed by updates to an addon here?
As you can see, I am a new member here. I am coming from a different website that uses XenForo, and I was advised to post my suggestion here. I have never gotten spammed by any update for the simple reason I don't download resources, but on that website, I am an author myself and they were moments where I had to spam.

Erm ... why didn't you just start a conversation with the affected user(s)?
I am looking for a better and automated solution, not an alternative and manual one as you have proposed.


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The suggestion is far too niche to be considered for the core software.

You would need to look at getting it custom developed.