Update Activity on Conversation and Profile Post Submissions


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This is based on this suggestion by @ForestForTrees. As I'm not sure which cases @Mike specifically disagrees with, I figured it couldn't hurt to make this.

Mike made a change so when you submit a post, your activity is updated. However, I think this would be a nice change for conversation and profile post submissions as well.

Just wanted to update this with some more information because I think I now see which cases wouldn't make sense per @Mike's comments.

The way I look at it, it should update when:
  • A new message is posted (which Mike has already done, just listing it here)
  • A new conversation message is posted
  • A new profile post or comment is posted

It shouldn't update when:
  • You like a message
  • You edit a message

And I think those were all the cases.
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I'm no longer able to edit the OP, but I wanted to mention that, after doing some thinking, editing a post could actually maybe go either way. I could see users getting confused in regards to seeing that a message was edited 10 minutes ago, but the user's activity was 20 minutes ago.

This can obviously happen with liking a post as well, but the date and time stamps for likes only show in an overlay, which is kind of hidden and not as out there as the last edited notes.