Update a user table field upon usergroup permissions update


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Upon save of the usergroup permissions, I am trying to update a field in the user sql table after the permission combination update. The corresponding permission is a custom permission in custom group/interface.

My goal is to clear a field for the users that belong to combinations (containing the updated usergroup) for which the resulting updated value for the combined permission would be "deny".

I have been playing around with the permissions model class but couldn't achieve it.
Thought playing with the rebuildPermissionCacheForUserGroup method would do and digged through other methods called in the updateGlobalPermissionsForUserCollection method called when updating usergroup permissions but got no luck achieving it...

Perhaps I am missing something... Anyone already did this or know where would be the best place to achieve what I am trying to do ?

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Formerly MtoR
Damn, seems like I have been the only one struggling to do such thing :(
I'll try to continue searching.

Don't hesitate to give me your 2 cent in case ideas/info come to your mind.