Upcoming styles from pixelExit.com - Adara & Minecraft


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Hi @Russ
Have you ever tested your style on iOS and see how does your buttons look? :)
Little too big aren't they :), I like them big on the desktop version I'll add a media query for a reduced size in mobile view.

For anyone curious... Adara's demo is online:


I haven't posted on XF quite yet.

Regarding the Minecraft style, it's coming, slowly but sure. No ETA quite yet but I get a little done on it each day :).


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btw @Russ - I'm mad at you. You did an AMAZING job on my custom style, but I think I like Adara better. I dunno. That color scheme is sweet dude!! I might have to jump on that bandwagon!!

And I'm really mad at @Chris D because XMG might be the reason I buy a fourth or fifth XF license!

Stop being so good at this guys, really, it's making me run up a bill over here!!


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This sucks balls... I would love that theme lol :) Oh BTW Im gonna need you to redo the MG forum.. Ill PM you once im done testing..