Upbeat Funeral Songs


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This was still a good question though. When you pass away, would you want them to play sad music?

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Actually had a distant family member pass away last week. Far too early in fact. Least he got to see his oldest marry last year.


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I would want this played at my funeral.
It describes relavent social tendancies that are portrayed in American society and really speaks to the youth of the country. When you listen to this song, you reflect on all the good times, the relationships that you experienced and the people you loved and were loved by. I even cry a little when I think of this song, and when I listen to it, I burst into tears. It really speaks to me, and I can only hope that my closest friends and family would play this at my funeral.
This is said song, in all of its glory.
jk I have no friends.


What a strange thread. Deserves a strange response and I am a strange guy so here goes...

I've said for 20 years that this is the song I want played at my funeral. It is " Song of the Caravan Drivers" by Tuvan throat singing group Huun-Huur-Tu.