XF 1.5 Unset view permissions, but allow users to access User Upgrades :)


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Me again! :D

How do I allow Registered users to access the User Upgrades page, but not let them view the forum itself? If I unset View it doesn't let them access User Upgrades...


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Indeed, but I don't want to set Never on anything at the Registered user level 'cause that's just nonsense. So if I unset View, there's no specific Allow setting for Account Upgrades, whereas there are Allow settings for almost everything else.


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Even if there was an explicit permission for the account upgrades, it wouldn't make any difference as the main view permission overrides everything.

Chris D

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Doesn't allowing view, but having everything else set to Not Set do what you want? Admittedly you can access more than just the user upgrades page, but you can't really do very much else here. A few template edits may hide the rest of the things you don't want.

In another thread I pointed out to you a couple of paid membership systems (which I think is what you're aiming for) were these no good?


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Nah, they didn't work quite how we wanted, alas.

I think AndyB's got it nailed, though. He's just doing some quick code-magic like his usual ninja self :D